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: Personal attention. We love being able to talk to the same people and taking care of all of our insurance needs.

: Mark will respond/assist when I have questions. This is a very important feature for customer service.

: We’ve always been able to have prompt service from your office. Even when we have needed help while out of town. Your personal touch has always been invaluable when we have had to call upon you for help. We have always felt that your office is well versed and up to date with our insurance needs.

: You gave us options and really good pricing. Your agency is easy to deal with and answers questions quickly.

: Great customer service and communication.

: Just plain GOOD SERVICE!

: Professional Attitudes.

: Been with Goff for 20 years, they always answer any questions I have and are quick and courteous!

: Without initiation on my part, you inform me of programs from insurance companies that can save me insurance premium dollars. You are always frank with me– whether the info that you provide me is good or bad.

: Been with Goff insurance for well over a decade and they always take great care of us and get us the best rates. Any questions we ever have are easily explained. Thanks for the great service!

: You guys are great at customer service and always looking out for our best interests!!

: We appreciate your availability to answer any questions we have had and we also appreciated your honest information about insurance options as we were figuring out what was best to choose for our needs. We liked that you didn’t hard sell or pressure us. You gave us great information and we felt you understood well our needs so we could make the best choices. Thanks so much

: Easy to reach and just knowing that I can reach them gives me peace of mind.

Mary & Christopher
: Mark and Susan are very friendly, courteous, and respectful. They have always answered my questions in a timely manner. They are doing a good job.

: I really appreciate the prompt responses and follow up that we receive any time we have a question or request. I would prefer to have a more proactive approach towards policy review to ensure we are getting the best rates, discounts, and coverage.

: You guys have always been very helpful and easy to work with.

: You have never let us down. You have always been very helpful when we needed you. Great customer service. Always trying to save us money and giving good advice.

: Very prompt service. Great to work with. Good people. Mark is always willing to help answer any questions and provide excellent customer service. Thanks!!!

: I stay with you and recommend you for several reasons. The personal touch for one. You answer the phone and treat me like a friend. You research the options and make recommendations for consideration without being pushy. Lastly, you have now been handling our insurance needs since we moved to WA in 2006 and haven’t steered us wrong yet!

: I enjoy calling the Goff’s with questions about my ever-changing family insurance needs. The responses are always friendly, helpful and considerate to our personal needs. Because of that, we have other family members doing business with them as well.

: It is not often that we take the time in our busy days to comment on good service. But good service is not automatic, and those who provide it deserve credit for their extra effort at excellence. I am a long time customer of Goff Insurance Agency. Mark Goff takes very good care of my insurance needs and is experienced and knowledgeable in his profession. I know the value of quality people in dealing with the public. Mark Goff is such a quality person, with great personal skills.

He responds knowledgeably to account inquiries and the details necessary to make things operate smoothly. He inspires confidence. He has shown us excellent skills and knowledge which he uses to follow tasks through to completion, while always keeping our best interests at the forefront. I recommend Goff Insurance Agency and know they will quietly please and amaze you.

: Have depended on Mark and Susan for our insurance needs over 30 years. There is a reason– customer service. Professional, yet friendly, like talking to your neighbor. What has always stood out is they always answer the phone. Not common today.

I have and will continue recommending the Goff Agency without hesitation.

: We have worked with your agency for a long time and the experience has been a very pleasant one. You have always respected our wishes and responded to our questions and concerns quickly and helpfully. Thank you.

: Mark and Susan are one of the best insurance agents! They are both a people person and is always willing to help out with my family’s insurance needs and questions.

More power to you both!

: Mark has been my agent for over 23 years. He is amazingly responsive, both by phone and by email. He almost always knows the answer to any of my questions; when he has to research something, he gets back to me within two hours. The few times I’ve had a claim, he took care of everything and everything went smoothly. And he is always looking out for ways to lower my premiums. I recommend Mark enthusiastically!

: Quickly responding to put together a pkg deal for our new home and our cars.

: I like your personal service. I can call and ask questions and hear a smiling face.

: Anytime we have needed anything, you are right there to help us thru it. With our new car purchase last year, we re-looked at all insurances possible to confirm that we still had the best/cheapest plan for us. Thank you for all you do.

: I appreciate that you and Susan always respond quickly and thoroughly. As we’ve added kids and cars, you’ve provided great advice for updating our policy. Thank you.

: Always friendly and feel that you genuinely care about my family. Thanks guys.

: We have always had great customer service and everyone we refer to your agency is equally happy. Keep up the great work.

: Appreciate you helped our children get the necessary insurance for their needs!

: Susan is so very helpful and kind!

: When we switched insurance companies you took care of all the details for us even after the fact. Thanks! And saved us a lot of money

: Every time we have needed help or an answer to specific questions, you’re always available, helpful, prompt and so easy to deal with. We couldn’t be happier with the service you have provided us, as we approach 20 years now with Goff Insurance! Five Stars in my book…

: You have always answered my insurance questions.

: You guys respond quickly and are always very helpful and knowledgable. I never feel overwhelmed or hassled when dealing with insurance issues. Also, you were able to get our insurance agency to cover our Pitbull, who we love and adore. You make insurance easy. Thank you!

: Personal service.

: Moved to Spokane and my coverage didn’t skip a beat! You took care of the changes without any problems! I appreciate that very much.

: You’re always making sure I get the best deal. You’re also so nice on the phone. I never feel like I’m talking to an agent..more like a family friend.

: You are always quick to get in contact with, quick to respond and always seem to have options. We never feel rushed or pushed into any decision. We feel well informed and plans always fit our needs. We would highly recommend Goff Ins. to our friends and family!

: Mark and Susan are always pleasant to speak with, they have demonstrated on many occasions that they are looking out for their customers’ best interest. I recommend them without hesitation!

: Mark & Susan are the best to work with! They’re personable, yet professional, fast, courteous and helpful with all of my insurance needs!

: Very friendly services.

: You usually answer the phone personally (not an automated system) and if I need to leave a message you call me right back. You take the time to look at my insurance needs and find me the best deal.

: Always excellent, quick, friendly service! Long time customer, recommend to people all the time!

: do so appreciate all of the information and effort you do in checking into the best policy for me each year. The communication and information about the ‘trends’ in the insurance industry is so valuable. I trust this company and always know they have my best interest in mind. This is one of the reasons I refer you to my clients and will continue to do so. Thank you again! The customer service is superb!

: Great price, coverage and service. We couldn’t ask for more.

: You and Susan have always been great to work with!

: Mark and Susan have always been extremely responsive with any requests or questions. Excellent customer service.

: You are easy to work with and I appreciate that! Very willing to help and always willing to answer questions. Overall, a great place to trust for my insurance needs
James Camp-Friendly and dependable, professional service.

: You are always available. You answer our emails promptly. Communication is easy via email or phone. Always friendly and very helpful.

: I appreciate how easy you make it when I need to make changes to my coverage.

: Mark is most knowledgeable and provides excellent counsel regarding matters related to insurance. He pays close attention to client needs, even to the point of monitoring when policies are about to lapse because of client errors.

: Goff insurance has always been quick to make changes as conditions change. I don’t hesitate to refer my friends to them.

: Mark and Susan are always helpful and quick in providing quotes, options, and recommendations. We’ve worked with Mark for almost 20yrs and have recommended Goff Insurance anytime someone is looking for insurance. Thank you, Mark and Susan!

: If I ever have a question about my insurance, Mark is quick to answer a phone call or email. Mark provides quotes from the popular carriers and always finds a good rate. He also makes house calls.

: Goff Insurance Agency is the best insurance agency that I have every worked with. I have been a client of theirs for many years. They are very professional and have helped me with both my home and auto insurance. They also compare costs annually to save me out of pocket expenses. The other nice this is that they know me personally and always respond with a personal touch. I fully recommend Goff Insurance Agency.

: Very kind and professional. I love how personable you are and you really care about your clients.

: Making suggestions on options for coverage and price.

: Your quick response whenever I have questions help me a lot.

: You are both extremely personable, professional and pleasant to work with. In today’s day and age, that goes a long way!! Thank you for always keeping our best interests at heart!

: Personal service and always looking out for our family’s best interests! Thank you also for always taking my calls or returning calls within a business day!

: It’s wonderful to work with Mark, so helpful to get my home and car insurance for so many years and continue to have him at my side.

: When I need to call for something you, not a receptionist or machine, answer the phone.

: I really appreciate the fact that you work for me, not the insurance companies, so I can get honest information because you always have my best interest at heart. Thank you!

: A quick response to all of our calls and have satisfactorily handled any concerns.

: Prompt responses and quotes.

: The Goffs are interested in doing what is best for their clients, and always treat me as a person first, not a client, or a source of income. They take the time to say happy birthday, and Merry Christmas– but mostly they find the best insurance to meet my needs, and my company’s needs.

: The Goffs really took the time to look into the best insurance for my needs. They spent time to get to know me personally and what would work best. I appreciate their availability and thoroughness, with a great personal touch!

: Great personal service for many years. We recommend your company to all we can.

: Great customer service!!

: Whenever I call you KNOW me, and ask about my family. I don’t feel like a number or just a customer but a valued person. Thank you!

: Helped us look around at various insurance companies to find the best one for us with a teenage son.

: You are always responsive and look for the best solutions for insurance needs.

: I have been with Mark and Susan for I think about 14 years. They have done everything from car, to business, to life insurance for me and my family. I love calling them, they help with everything we need. Both are kind, quick to reply and direct us in the best coverage possible for our large family. Do not hesitate, make them your preferred insurance agents.

: Always prompt reply, whether flooding basement or were both on vacation.

: Very personalized care, have my informant pulled up before I ask the first question! Very friendly and professional.

: I love the personal touch. I feel like I’m calling a friend who’s always happy to hear from us!

: Personal service and extremely reliable, have our best interests at heart!

: Your service is great! We always get a call back shortly after we call and leave a message. You make us feel valued with each interaction.

: Personal service is most important to us.

: Goff Insurance has always taken the time to answer our questions, looked out for our interests and responded to any inquiries right away. They have taken the personal approach to their service. I have and will continue to recommend them to friends and family.

: I’ve never had trouble with my car insurance, so it’s all good. I have nothing specific to offer.

: Very responsive, we’ve been with him for over 10 years. Always ensures we’re getting the best value for our coverage. His wife is also very awesome to work with when Mark isn’t available.

: Always there when I needed you.

: Your service has been great. I can always trust you to give honest and fair advice.

: You give fast responses.

: Respond to us as your earliest convenience!

: We appreciate the quick help whenever we’ve needed it, insurance issues are something most people don’t have to deal with often, so our knowledge about how to deal with an issue is very limited, so having you experts available to assist if or when it happens is priceless.

: Very helpful and knowledgeable.

: We love the fact that you’re always there when we need you, whether it’s routine policy changes or claims issues. You respond quickly to email and phone calls and never fail to provide us with good advice. Service can’t be beat!

: I enjoy working with Mark and Susan for both insurance guidance and in other areas (for example, dealing with earthquake insurance).

: I feel that Goff Insurance develops a real human connection with their customers. Mark always treats me as a person, rather than simply a customer.

: We love that we get answers quick and efficiently! Thank you for all you do.

: Your agency makes things easy and effortless for the clients. I never had to worry about anything except getting information to you and even that was made simple!

: Hi Mark, You have been available and ready to find us the best deal as our needs have changed.

: Goff Ins. has handled everything in a very timely manner. When I needed something, Mark has gotten back to me very quickly. Also Mark tries to save me money when he can by searching other companies for a better rate I have no intention of changing dealing with Goff Agency.

: I’m happy with your services and have recommended your services. I would just like it for you to make sure I am getting the best rate each year. Thank you.

: We’ve gone through a lot of life changes since signing on with Mark as our insurance agent, and Mark is always organized, responsive, and makes great recommendations. He obviously has wealth of experience and knowledge, and we couldn’t be happier with his services.

: Since we have been with Goff insurance you have always helped will our needs and have always been good at keeping us up to date. You helped tremendously when we got in an accident. I will always have Goff as our representative. I will always recommend you to anyone.

: You have always had a quick response time when I needed a copy of insurance and helped with faxing things to the base while I was in their waiting room! Thanks!

: Watch for ways to add value to the coverage we currently have.

: Very prompt and kind service that supported our needs. We would highly recommend Goff Insurance.

: Mark was very helpful and walked me through the whole process.

: Mark is always extremely professional and finds the best insurance policies for me without even having to ask him to do so!

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